The Latest Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been an odd source of entertainment for many years. Some of these theories, such as the first Apollo space mission being a staged event and the presence of extraterrestrials in Area 51, are rather far-fetched; others, such as the Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza conspiracy, seem less radical and more realistic, in my opinion. I will be writing about three of these theories today, and you can determine their legitimacy for yourself.


One conspiracy I find fairly interesting is the murder of John F. Kennedy. The former U.S. President was supposedly assassinated in 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald. However, over 51% of Americans believe that there is some truth to an alternate theory surrounding this murder: namely, that Oswald was not the only one who fired a shot at Kennedy, but rather, multiple assassins were involved. The most famous theory involving multiple gunmen centers on “Umbrella Man,” a figure seen mysteriously holding a black umbrella on the sunny day of Kennedy’s assassination. Some speculated that Umbrella Man had shot a poison dart into Kennedy’s neck, immobilizing him to allow for Oswald or others to deliver a kill-shot. President Trump released secret documents to the public about the assassination in 2017, which stated that over 200 people were linked to the murder. The assassination could also have been an inside job by the U.S. government, but who knows? Anything is possible.

Flat Earth

Another interesting theory is the possibility that the Earth may indeed be flat. I know—it does not make a lot of sense at first blush. Gravity keeps everything aligned properly, and there is evidence to explain the rotation of the planets. Most flat-earthers, however, believe that in fact gravity is a made-up term, and even go as far as to say that pictures of the Earth from space are Photoshopped. Flat-earthers commonly believe that, because Earth’s landscape is generally flat, there is no possible way anything about Earth could be spherical. They believe that space agencies around the world are involved in a conspiracy and fake all space missions to pretend a round Earth exists. There have been many experiments that prove that bodies of water and lunar rotations can in fact exist on a flat Earth. Youtuber Logan Paul recently announced he is starting a new YouTube series about the possibility of a flat Earth. Maybe this will give us some more insight about the conspiracy, but really, who knows at this point?

Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza

Yes, that’s right: Chuck-E-Cheese is currently the subject of, I believe, the most plausible conspiracy theory in this article. Mainly, this involves how they serve pizza to their customers. If you search pictures of Chuck-E-Cheese pizza, you will find often that the slices are different sizes and shapes, that the crust does not line up, and that some pieces even look older than others. Conspiracy theorists have speculated that if a customer does not finish all of their pizza, a Chuck-E-Cheese employee simply takes the pizza back into the kitchen, warms it up, and adds it to a new pie and serves it to another customer. I believe that this conspiracy is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Chuck-E-Cheese often emphasizes the freshness of their pizza, which is perhaps a feat of reverse psychology to trick customers into falling for this clever money-saving technique. When you order a fresh pizza from any other establishment, it would usually not look as butchered as Chuck-E-Cheese pizza. I believe that, now that everyone is informed of this conspiracy, Chuck-E-Cheese will continue to make fresh pizzas not to attract any suspicion.


I believe conspiracy theories are an engaging way to entertain yourself by imagining different scenarios with an open mind. There are many conspiracies about tragedies and events being a planned hoax, but I believe that the unorthodox conspiracies make the most exciting deep dives. The JFK conspiracy may have some truth in stating that multiple assassins being involved, but I do not believe that this assassination was a planned event. Theories of a flat Earth have been around for centuries, with support and popularity for the cause growing daily. [Ed. Note—this despite the fact that we’ve known the Earth was round since Aristarchus of Samos.] However, there are still heaps of evidence that prove this conspiracy to be false. The Chuck-E-Cheese conspiracy, in contrast, is not only interesting, but has a real chance of being true! In all of these cases, however, conspiracy theories have been an odd but fun way to think about people, places, and events.