Founded in November 2013 and launched a month later, the Shield is an online publication put together by McQuaid Jesuit students, with the help of a faculty moderator, who advises and reviews articles before their publication. Since those humble beginnings, the Shield staff has put together nearly fifty issues of content across two sites. (The best and most memorable of this content will eventually be archived for posterity at this, our third home.)

The Shield is intended to serve as a complement to McQuaid Jesuit’s Middleman Messenger and the LanceUnlike those publications, the Shield does not cover McQuaid Jesuit news or events. Instead, members of the Shield work on articles about current events, sports, technology, video games, movies, or any other interests they may have from time to time. Some members of the Shield staff also serve as comic artists for the publication. The online format is meant to facilitate the writing of longer, more profound articles, as well as permitting students across grades to link up and work on the same publication.

The Shield is open to all McQuaid Jesuit students, from sixth grade all the way to twelfth. If you’re interested in writing for the Shield, send us an email at [email protected], or stop by room 259 anytime. Staff meetings are every Tuesday at Flex, with occasional extra meetings announced as necessary.

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