Pizza: The Best Food EVER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Short Answer: Yes

“What should we get to eat?”

This question has ignited copious arguments and tested numerous friendships since the dawn of time, but in our globalized world, this question has become more complicated than ever. There is a virtually endless selection of delicious food in America, with food to satisfy every gustatory niche. If you want to eat from a vegan burger restaurant, you can do that. If Mexican sushi sounds more like your thing, there are places for that too. However, in this hyper-diversified world of exotic flavors and strange combinations, one food has weathered the test of time and remained beloved in the hearts of the people. This food, of course, being the good ol’ pizza pie.

How is it that, as cuisine trends shift towards healthier, more plant-based foods, that a giant disk of bread covered in oil, cheese, and often meat has maintained its status as one of America’s favorite foods? It’s simple. Ordering a pizza is more than just getting food: it’s a social experience. Simply put, the addition of pizza turns any normal gathering of humans into a party.

Don’t believe me? Here, compare these two propositions.

Proposition #1

Hey, do you guys wanna come over to my house and watch the game? I have some snacks in my pantry we could eat.

Proposition #2

Hey, do you guys wanna come over to my house and watch the game? I’m ordering pizza.

Now, as much I enjoy snacks, a bowl of Chex Mix lacks the allure of pizza. That perfect mix of bread, cheese, and sauce can turn anything into an occasion. There’s a reason people have pizza parties and not, say, burger parties. It’s because pizza is the consummate group food. Here’s two reasons why.

Reason #1: It’s Easy to Order

It can be a hassle trying to order food, especially over the phone. That annoyance is amplified tenfold when you have a group of people who all want different items from the menu. Pizza, however, skirts this problem by being extremely easy to deal with. Instead of having to figure out everyone’s specific order and rattle it all off to the restaurant employee, all you have to ask for is one item, even if the toppings get a bit weird. This makes pizza the most convenient food to order by far, even if you like your pizzas half pesto-and-artichoke, half pineapple-and-Canadian-bacon.

Reason #2: It’s a Crowd-Pleaser

Almost everyone likes pizza, and those who don’t can usually at least tolerate it. Now, as with everything, there are a few weirdos out there who refuse to eat it at all, but these people are few and far between. Overall, it’s pretty safe to say that you won’t have a riot on your hands when you order pizza for a party.

Reason #3: It’s Convenient to Eat

Unlike many other foods, the only thing you need to eat pizza are your hands. While some sort of plate or napkin is always a plus, not having them isn’t going to take away from your overall eating experience. This fact makes pizza perfect for impromptu or ill-prepared gatherings, where there is nary an eating utensil to be found.

Reason #4: It’s the Ultimate Egalitarian Food

Now, this point may seem a little more abstract than my previous ones, but hear me out here. Have you ever been to a restaurant or ordered takeout with other people, just to realize someone else’s meal looks ten times better than yours?  It’s an all-too-common occurrence, and it always leaves even the kindest of us feeling a little down. Even worse, the inverse might happen; someone might decide that your meal looks better than theirs and proceed to help themselves to it. This problem just doesn’t exist with pizza, since everyone is essentially eating the same thing. This makes it so there’s no food mooching or regret over choices, making everyone’s experience that much more enjoyable.

I hope these reasons have made it clear just how awesome pizza is. I wanted to expand this discussion beyond just taste, because as much as I hate to say it, there are people out there who just don’t like pizza. But I don’t think flavor really even comes into this argument. As amazing as pizza tastes, its true beauty lies in how it brings us together. Nothing excites a room full of people like hearing that triumphant call: “The pizza’s here!” Pizza, with its evenly cut slices, invites us to participate in its deliciousness. That invitation often translates to fantastic shared experiences, whether it be a fun birthday, a memorable sporting event, or a movie night with friends. Pizza, more than anything else, helps to connect us—which is why it’s my favorite food of all time.