An Overrated and Underrated Player at Each Position



  • Overrated: Dak Prescott has been a disappointment. For someone widely considered an elite QB, zero trips to conference championships and only a few division titles don’t exactly bode well.
  • Underrated: Jared Goff has contributed quietly to the Lions’ recent success. While Sean McVay definitely contributed to Goff’s blossoming, he has proven he can play without McVay by his side, and the Lions should give him a chance before starting Hendon Hooker.

Running Back

  • Overrated: The Najee Harris hype is incredible, especially considering his very mediocre stats in 2022. Despite his impressive rookie year, he has yet to repeat it, and if he doesn’t, the Steelers may have to hold some uncomfortable conversations with their so-far one-year-wonder.
  • Underrated: Call me a biased Broncos fan, but Javonte Williams is highly underrated. Despite dealing with an injury in 2022, his 2021 rookie year (in which he split carries with Melvin Gordon), Williams put up just shy of 1,000 yards and had seven touchdowns. The stats speak for themselves.

Wide Receiver

  • Overrated: While Michael Thomas is impressive when he’s on the field, especially when it comes to slant routes (I had to, okay), he is rarely on the field. His performance has gotten seemingly worse and worse ever since his 2019 Offensive Player of the Year season, but he could take a step forward into elitude this year.
  • Underrated: Michael Gallup is one of the few Cowboys players that fits this bill. Despite not always being able to stay healthy, when consistent, Gallup is a decent WR2, and could even be a bonafide WR1 on a different team.

Tight End

  • Overrated: For being the highest drafted TE in NFL history, Kyle Pitts has been fairly mediocre. His stats are disappointing, even with his horrid QB play. If he doesn’t break out this year, the Falcons should trade him to try and save face.
  • Underrated: Cleveland has a stud in David Njoku. His physical gifts are apparent, and if Deshaun Watson returns to his 2019 form, Cleveland could have a borderline elite duo on their hands.

Offensive Line

  • Overrated: This is a tad nitpicky, but Jawaan Taylor is probably a tad overrated—no wait, overpaid. Taylor is a solid tackle. He’s not elite, but not horrible. But to pay a tackle that’s barely above average a salary of $20 million per year is a stretch. Taylor himself is a fine player, but his paycheck doesn’t exactly correlate to his play.
  • Underrated: Garrett Bolles has blossomed into a well-above-average left tackle in Denver. He has cut down on his penalties by a wide margin since his early years in the league, and the solid stat lines by Denver running backs such as Phillip Lindsay, Melvin Gordon and the aforementioned Javonte Williams can thank him for that.

Defensive Line

  • Overrated (yes, the D-line includes defensive ends): Jadeveon Clowney was the first overall pick in 2014—and guess what, he’s a free agent after playing for four different teams. Clowney is by no means a bad player, and he is a decent enough player to add to a defense. But he never has, and never will, live up to the status and stat lines expected from a first overall pick.
  • Underrated: Javon Hargrave finally has some respect on his name after his trip to the Super Bowl with the Eagles. The 49ers know this, and signed him to a four-year, $84 million contract this offseason. Hargrave is the replacement for Javon Kinlaw (who himself is somehow both overrated and underrated), and can make the Niners defense even more formidable.


  • Overrated: No, I’m not just a salty Broncos fan, but Bradley Chubb is overrated. He is similar to Jawaan Taylor in that he’s not overrated as a player, but that his paycheck doesn’t match the on-field performance. The Dolphins are a better team with Chubb than without, but they should consider restructuring his contract to fee cap space for more weapons, especially since they keep getting themselves in legal trouble.
  • Underrated: Matt Milano finally got the respect he deserves this past season, both making the Pro Bowl and earning first team All-Pro honors. Milano is a stalwart of the Bills defense, and if their offense can ever get right with the Lord (sorry Bills fans), Milano will be a key playmaker when they reach the Super Bowl.


  • Overrated: Trevon Diggs led the league in interceptions in 2021 with eleven . . . but he also allowed the most yards. He truly was boom or bust. In 2022, he allowed fewer yards, but also had fewer picks. Diggs is overrated because, once again, Cowboys fans stretch the stats of an above-average player to and fro to make him look elite. Diggs is easily top fifteen, but simply isn’t near the best CB.
  • Underrated: Tariq Woolen is better than Sauce Gardner. Woolen is in the underrated spot because Gardner takes up all the attention despite having nearly identical stats. Woolen is easily top ten, and is better than Sauce. This take may sound horrible, but wait until their careers are over. You’ll see.


  • Overrated: Derwin James is not the best safety in the league. He could be, if he didn’t spend a significant amount of time on IR seemingly every year. When healthy he truly is elite, but his injury history and ensuing lack of availability despite his hype make him overrated.
  • Underrated: Now for an AFC West safety that is a bit more deserving of their elite status, and then some. Justin Simmons is the best safety in the league. He is one of, if not the sole reason, why the Denver defense kept the team somewhat relevant during its post-Peyton Manning era of trials and tribulations. While the stats may not be as impressive as James’, Simmons spends less time on IR and thus contributes more to his team, and we all know the Broncos need more help than the Chargers.

Special Teams: I don’t see enough special teams plays to form an opinion on which team has an overrated or underrated unit. Every kicker in the league can make a PAT, every punter can punt the ball 50 yards, and every long snapper is capable of making those possible.