NFL Report Cards: Weeks 10-12


NFC North 

  • Packers: The Packers continue to struggle. Aaron Rodgers is clearly a shell of his former self, and the lack of chemistry between him and his young wideouts is a massive black hole in the offensive scheme. The defense is solid, but it simply cannot carry this fetid offense to victory over good opponents. C-
  • Vikings: The Vikings were elite for the first several weeks of the season . . . but now they’re nothing short of confusing. An upset over the Bills in week 10, followed by a horrid beatdown by the Cowboys poses the question: are the Vikings really contenders, or did the simply have luck for the first few games? B+
  • Bears: The Bears, to be quite honest, are really terrible. Justin Fields is in the process of breaking out and yet they still cannot pull together a win. The roster around Fields is terrible, but considering his hype as an elite QB prospect when he was drafted, one must ask whether Fields is truly a franchise quarterback, or if he is just next in the long line of awful Bears signal callers. C+
  • Lions: Honestly, you have to feel bad for the Lions. They had so much potential for this year, and still have a few upsets in store down the line, but it isn’t promising for now. Jared Goff plays like Jared Goof (solid burn) most of the time, and if the Lions continue to struggle, Dan Campbell’s job could be on the line. But even if he does get fired, he’ll definitely make sure to bite some kneecaps on his way out.  C+

BryNFC East

  • Giants: The Giants are just like the Vikings. A historically-terrible QB who is starting to break out, along with elite running backs and defensive stars, are running their respective teams into the playoffs. However, the Giants still feel like frauds. While the playoffs are still likely, they look farther from being contenders than the Vikings do. Only time will tell if this is the case, but for now at least, the Giants are solid. A-
  • Eagles: The Eagles just had to screw it up and lose to a team owned by Dan Snyder to ruin their perfect record. But what’s even more concerning is that their schedule up to that point was easy. You have to wonder, is this finally the year of greatness in Philly [Ed. Note—they won a Super Bowl five years ago!], or do Eagles fans have yet another year of disappointment in store? A+
  • Commanders: Taylor Heinicke has officially replaced Carson Wentz, and it’s not a crazy theory for them to sneak in to the playoffs in a weakened NFC. However, the team certainly has its flaws, and they are still owned by Dan Snyder, so they’ll find a way to end the year on a terrible and/or heartbreaking note. C+
  • Cowboys: The Cowboys are starting to look good, but we all know what’s going to happen. They’re going to lose in the Wild Card Round. And that’s if they make the playoffs at all. Of course, a playoff trip seems to be likely, but only time will tell how fraudulent they really are. B+

NFC South

  • Panthers: The Panthers are not that great. I know, shocker. PJ Walker is hurt and the provisional coaching regime does not look like the long-term answer, but hey, at least a high draft pick awaits them. It seems that a guy named Bryce Young or CJ Stroud is calling the Panthers’ name. C
  • Falcons: The Falcons could theoretically uppercut the Buccaneers and win the division. At least, that was a possibility a week ago, Kyle Pitts is now on IR with a torn MCL. Desmond Ridder continues to collect dust on the bench, and his lack of playing time, combined with Pitts’ injury, could spell the end of the Falcons season. C
  • Saints: The Saints are full of question marks. Is Dennis Allen the long-term answer? What is Jameis Winston’s future in NOLA? Where should draft picks be spent? One thing is for certain: the Saints’ year is more or less over, as Andy Dalton is struggling with to find chemistry with the injured receiving corps. C-
  • Buccaneers: The Buccaneers just won’t go away. They remain in playoff contention, but a championship run is probably out of the question, due to a slew of injuries and an aging Tom Brady who, uh, has some off-the-field issues he might want to deal with at some point. 

NFC West

  • Cardinals: The Cardinals seem to get worse and worse. The playcalling and time management is horrid, and Kyler Murray plays like he’s never seen a football before. Kliff Kingsbury will finish the year on the hot seat, and Kyler Murray may need to watch his back come draft time. C-
  • Rams: The Rams need to start winning if they want a chance at making the playoffs. Matthew Stafford continues to mess up in big moments. Not only that, Cooper Kupp is out for several weeks, so just go ahead and write off the rest of the Rams’ year. B-
  • 49ers: The 49ers could be regaining their 2019 form. The run game is elite, as is the defense. The only weakness is at the quarterback position. However, Jimmy G is good enough to help this team make the playoffs, which is very possible in this weak division. B
  • Seahawks: The Seahawks might be on the decline. The product on the field is solid, but a few rough losses could come back to haunt them come playoff time. A

AFC North

  • Bengals: The Bengals remain relevant despite their flaws. Joe Burrow seems to be getting more comfortable with his maturing offensive line, and the receivingcorps seems to be faring well despite Ja’Marr Chase’s injury. C+
  • Browns: The Browns are the Browns. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you don’t know, and God bless you. C+
  • Steelers: The Steelers are full of surprises. Some weeks they look terrible, only to rebound in amazing fashion the next week. Kenny Pickett is full of more questions than answers, and George Pickens is already looking like a washed-up veteran. B
  • Ravens: The Ravens are solid, but are not out of the woods yet. Their mediocre division remains tight, and injuries are returning to Baltimore like swallows to Capistrano. However, Lamar Jackson should never be doubted, and he should be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the year. A-

AFC East

  • Bills: The Bills are starting to flutter. While they remain one of the best teams in the league, the losses and narrow wins are starting to take hold, which could threaten the Bills when it comes to winning the division—or even making the playoffs at all. B+
  • Patriots: The Patriots squeak out wins, and suffer from terrible losses. They are simply nowhere near a position to make the playoffs like they were last year. C
  • Jets: The Jets are starting to flutter as well. Zach Wilson has been benched in favor of Mike White, and their record is starting to go from that of a title contender to that of a pretender. B+
  • Dolphins: The Dolphins remain ready to potentially win the division. Hill and Waddle form one of the best duos in the league, and Tua is leading the Phins to the playoffs. A-

AFC South

  • Colts: The Jeff Saturday era is underway, and it actually isn’t all that terrible. Matt Ryan was un-benched, but the team overall still remains mediocre and ready to punch its ticket to a top-15 draft pick. C+
  • Titans: The Titans could be on the upside. A few decent wins could signal a return to 2020 form, with King Henry paving the way to the playoffs. B-
  • Jaguars: The Jaguars are starting to mature. Trevor Lawrence looks more comfortable throwing the ball downfield, and the defense is starting to take shape. However, a season of relevance is still a few years away. C+
  • Texans: The Davis Mills era is over, as Kyle Allen has taken over. There really isn’t anything else to say about the Texans. They are terrible as always, and look set to draft someone highly in April. C

AFC West

  • Chiefs: The Chiefs remain elite. Patrick Mahomes is still elite, and the new receiving corps is playing at a borderline elite level. The Chiefs remain a Super Bowl contender, and will most likely take home the division crown as well. B+
  • Broncos: The Broncos season is over. Russell Wilson looks lost, and Nathaniel Hackett, well, doesn’t even deserve his own last name. The defense is elite, but it simply cannot carry this noxious offense to greatness. B+
  • Raiders: The Raiders are one of the worst teams in the league. Derek Carr’s tenure could be nearing its end. Josh McDaniels could end up fired after one year, but on the bright side, a high draft pick will end up in black and silver. D
  • Chargers: The Chargers are starting to disappoint. They are struggling too much to be considered true contenders, and some uncomfortable conversations about Justin Herbert’s alleged eliteness might be down the road if his struggles keep the Chargers out of the playoffs.  B+