Doors: a Roblox horror game about monsters and doors (Part 1)


Doors is a horror game in Roblox where players must use strategy to avoid many “entities” as they make their way through an old hotel. There are many entities that players must avoid, and many items that players can use to their advantage. Doors can be played in either single player or multiplayer with up to 12 people, although it is recommended that you max out at 4. Doors exploded in popularity shortly after its release, mainly because of its fun gameplay and unique style. Every game of Doors is different, since every single room, except for room 50, 99, and 100 are random. Doors is a game of trial and error, as the game gives very little clues about how to defeat an entity until you die against them. Most of the entities in Doors are fairly simple to beat, as long as you know their tricks. I will explain all of the entities and various items, and how to beat each one. I will also explain tips for rooms 50 and 100.


The Figure

The Figure is the main entity that appears in doors 50 and 100. Figure is blind but has exceptional hearing, and will react to any noise it hears. If the player gets too close or makes too much noise, Figure will run towards them. To avoid being discovered by Figure, players must crouch and maintain distance from Figure. Players can hide in a closet to avoid Figure, but if he discovers that the player is in the closet, a minigame will occur. Players must use Q and E or left-mouse and right-mouse on PC, and tapping the left side and right side of the screen on mobile, to time their heartbeats. Depending on how many books are in the library the player has collected, they can have either two or zero chances to make a mistake. If you make a mistake and don’t have any more chances, Figure will grab you out of the closet and instantly kill you. Figure instantly kills any player it catches.


Seek will first let the player know of its presence by conjuring eyes on the walls of the rooms leading up to him. The eyes will start at one, but grow in size rapidly in the following rooms. After the rooms with the eyes, the next room will be a long corridor, and upon reaching its end, Seek will rise up out of the ground at the beginning. This will initiate a chase sequence where Seek chases you throughout hallways. These hallways can have bookshelves and furniture toppled over, and some rooms will have multiple doors, where only one door can be opened. Players will have to crouch underneath the fallen bookshelves to progress. A blue light will be shining upon the bookshelves that the player can crawl under. This blue light will also illuminate the doors that can be opened. After the rooms with fallen furniture and the rooms with multiple doors, another long corridor will be the next room . . . except this time, fallen chandeliers on fire and long hands coming through the window will scatter the corridor. If Seek or its arms catch you, you will instantly die. The fire from the chandeliers will do around 40 damage. Seek appears twice, once at rooms 20-40, and again at rooms 70-90.


Hide is an entity that will only appear in closets. After a player is hiding in a closet for too long, a red static will fade in. This is followed by red arms and get text flashing on the screen that reads, “GET OUT.” About 3 seconds after the text appears, Hide will kick the player out of the closet, dealing about 40 damage in the process. The further along in the game you are, the quicker Hide will appear when in a closet. Hide also prevents the player from re-entering a closet for a short time. Hide does not appear in rooms 50, 99, and 100.




When opening a door to a new room, if the lights flicker, this most likely means that Rush is coming. Players have a limited time to find a hiding spot before Rush rushes through the room, killing any player in its path. Hiding spots include, closets, underneath beds, vents, and to simply get out of its path if there is space. As it rushes through the rooms, it will break the lights in the room. If there is a vent in the next room, Rush will backtrack into the previous room. Rush will only spawn if there are at least two closets in the room, and Rush cannot spawn before room 5.

More monsters and descriptions of items coming in the next parts.