Summer “Vacation”


As I roam and traverse this empty hall,
I start wondering if it’s the same at all
As the raucous building that I used to hear
Throughout all the days of yesteryear.

Here I am, though I should really be free;
This is basically an educational tyranny.
Learning my lessons all over again?
If this is for real, I might go insane.

I’m at the room now, though I’d rather hide
From the ultimate embarrassment that’s inside.
But I stop to contemplate how I got here,
And how the events had transpired last year.

“Too little school and then too much play,”
Everyone that was around me would say.
Looking back now, I see they were right.
It’s time to step forward and face my plight.

In the future, I’ll change and try to improve
With better behavior that people approve,
Yet here in the room I sit down on a stool;
Hooray; I’ve landed in summer school.


The days start to pass, and it’s rather drear
Relearning all of the stuff from last year
While all of my friends are enjoying their time.
It really does start to feel like a crime.

It’s a waste of my time; I could be out with a friend.
Instead, I have classes that will never end.
This school stuff, it wasn’t especially hard—
Yet I put it all off with no self-regard.

I pass all my classes and now that I’m free,
School starts once again to encroach upon me.
As fall comes around, it’s now summer’s end,
And here come more classes that I must attend.

This year, I’ll be sure to do everything right,
Keep up with my schedule and keep my grades tight.
I walk into school, and with a bright change of heart,
I look towards the future and make a fresh start.