Biggest Winners So Far this NBA Offseason


The Thunder

The Thunder have finessed their way into potentially having 17 first round picks for the next six years. [Ed. Note: This is the funniest thing I have ever read.] This involved trading away Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder for Danny Green, Kelly Oubre, and others, along with two first-rounders. They then traded away Oubre and others to acquire even more picks. I have to say I am very impressed with the work Thunder management has been doing—it looks like playing Franchise Mode in real life. 

The Rockets/Wizards

I really think that both teams won out with this blockbuster trade, which sent Russell Westbrook to the Wizards and John Wall to the Rockets. Westbrook wasn’t a good fit for the Rockets, and although John Wall hasn’t played in ages, the Rockets got a first-round pick in return as well, which should provide some value. Regardless, both are phenomenal guards who could have the chance to play like All-Stars again in 2021.

The Lakers

I have no idea where the Lakers are getting all of this money. Resigning LeBron and Anthony Davis to massive deals and trading for a shifty guard in Dennis Schroder makes this team a favorite to repeat their championship season. Getting rid of the horrendous Danny Green was also a very crucial move. I just don’t see how any team could ever want that bum. 

The Pistons

When the Pistons acquired the Isaiah Stewart, they became a team I had to put on this list. It was a real win to give up an aging Ariza for Stewart, an Anthony-Davis-like talent—not to mention their drafting Killian Hayes, a steal in the draft as a starter-ready point guard. They even signed LiAngelo Ball recently! The Pistons are a team everyone should be rooting for this upcoming season. 

The Hornets

I liked the Hornets drafting Lamelo Ball so much that I had to put them on this list. Putting people in the seats should have been their top goal from day one, and they achieved that here. With the help of Gordon Hayward and other young talent, Lamelo has every tool he needs to give the Hornets a promising season.  Now we are just waiting on that one-on-one between LaVar and owner Michael Jordan.