Review: NBA 2K20


Greetings! This article is meant to cover the pros and cons of NBA 2k20 (if the picture and title did not tip you off) since launch. Before I begin, I should note that I have mostly been playing the MyTeam mode, so my point of view is coming from a MyTeam player. There are many positive aspects to the game this year, but the initial release definitely had a rocky start. Here is how I think it has gone so far.

First off, let’s talk about some of the malfunctions the game had right at the launch date.

  • One main aspect of MyTeam mode was that players could grind Triple Threat (three-on-three games) offline against the CPU to earn great rewards from the slot machine after every win. However, there was some criticism that spinning a slot machine to earn rewards promoted “gambling,” so 2K decided to change this rewards system to a vault, which made Triple Threat unavailable to play for the first week the game was out. The new vault is less aesthetically pleasing, and I think that 2K should have stuck with their idea despite the criticism.
  • In all game modes, driving to the hoop has seemed to be the meta so far this year. Shooting from three-point range was beyond impossible until last week, because unless you shot a perfect release on the shot meter, your shot had a very low chance of going in. Shooting is now a little more stable, and 2K releasing new three-point shooters weekly should help get that aspect of the game functioning again.
  • During the month of October, 2K hosted a $250,000 MyTeam tournament qualifier. Just like last year, the point system was based on luck rather than skill, as playing all four quarters of a game and winning by 50 points would gain you approximately the same points as if you opponent quits after two minutes of playing. Hopefully 2K can fix this points system soon, because there is $250,000 and a trip to the NBA All-Star game on the line.
  • Of course, a new game will always have a medley of problems, such as players being kicked from games and the servers randomly crashing. As long as 2K seeks to make improvements at the rate they have been, the game should be as relevant as ever in a few short weeks.

Although 2K has had many bumps in the road so far this year, there are also many positive aspects of the game. When 2K finally released Triple Threat offline, the rewards were great, and grinding this mode allows you to unlock really good players. You can also earn a fair share of tokens to unlock player rewards that can make a huge impact on your team. (Jamal Crawford and Gheorghe Muresan are two of the best token rewards for their price.) Evolution cards are cards that go up in overall rating when you complete a certain task with them, such as scoring 500 points. Unlocking Evolution cards through Domination (five-on-five games against the CPU) and the auction house can really boost your team. Cards like Stephon Marbury and Terrance Ferguson, which you can get for next to nothing, make an outsized impact on your squad. Most of the players you unlock from Triple Threat rewards are also Evolution cards, which can boost your team heavily. Buying Evolution cards at low overalls and then auctioning them once evolved is a great way to earn currency. With all this ability to grind game mods for great cards, this means that, unlike in 2K19, you do not have to empty your wallets to have a great team. Last year’s 2K had nowhere near as good free cards at the beginning of the year. NBA 2K20 may have had its fair share of glitches so far, but that shouldn’t prevent it from becoming one of the best sports games we’ve ever seen.