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Ten Greatest Bowls of ALL TIME

Ten Greatest Bowls of ALL TIME

With the Super Bowl coming up soon, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: what are the top ten greatest bowls of all time, starting at #10, according to me, a writer for a high school magazine? Well, read on and enjoy

#10: Bowling

The tenth greatest bowl of all time is bowling. Some of you may be thinking “why is this included?” Bowling does not have anything to do with bowls, nor are there bowls in use when playing the sport—besides any food you have that comes in bowls.

I include bowling as part of this list because it has the word “bowl” in it. Easy enough. Now, it is a part of this list because it is a great experience to share with friends. [Ed. Note—unless our human half is one of those friends. He’s cold garbage at it.] It is not that competitive and has an easy learning curve for people of all ages. Just pick up a ball and roll it to knock down pins. Most people will not get high scores (unless there are bumpers on + skill), but it is still fun overall due to the fact that people use it for gatherings. Sometimes the food is a hit, sometimes the food is a miss. Which is why it gets ranked at 10.


#9: Supreme Dog Bowl

The ninth greatest bowl of all time is this Supreme dog bowl. There’s nothing special about it. It’s just funny that it exists—and is apparently being sold at a very high price.


#8: Bread Bowl

The eighth greatest bowl of all time is the bread bowl. Such a versatile bowl that can be used to contain a soup, or just eaten it on its own. Plus, if you can make bread on your own, you can make it as fluffy or as crusty or however else you desire it to be. Plus, when you finish the contents of the bowl, you can eat the bowl, but it has the soup flavoring. It’s like a modern update on a medieval trencher.


#7: American Football Bowl (Footbowl? No.)

The seventh greatest bowl of all time is this bowl shaped like an American football. Given that the Super Bowl is coming up, it’s just funny to see a bowl in the shape of a football. Put buffalo chicken dip in there. Or your celery and carrots. Whatever you want.


#6: Burrito Bowl

The sixth greatest bowl of all time is the burrito bowl. Burrito bowls are delicious meals that can be customized to suit many different tastes. They are made with rice, beans, meat, cheese, salsa, and any other filling that can be found in a burrito. But why stop there? You can add literally whatever you want. Kalamata olives? Manchego cheese? Brussels sprouts? Go for it.


#5: Burrito Bowl, Tortilla-Style

The fifth greatest bowl of all time is the burrito bowl, but with a baked tortilla instead of an actual bowl. You can think of it as a combination of the #6 burrito bowl with the #8 bread bowl. Best of both bowls.


#4: Wooden Bowl

The fourth greatest bowl of all time is just a wooden bowl. Wooden bowls have been used for millennia, probably continuously since humans knew how to make them, and there is a good reason. Wooden bowls are still used in the home and workplace for all-bowl-intents-and-purposes. Wooden bowls are made from various types of hardwood. They are durable, versatile, and beautiful, and they add warmth and charm to any home. Wooden bowls are still popular today, which is why it took until this far into the list to rank a literal bowl.


#3: The Hollywood Bowl

The third greatest bowl of all time is The Hollywood Bowl. One of the most famous concert venues in the world, the Hollywood Bowl offers a unique experience of enjoying live music. This legendary place has hosted some phenomenal music performances. The Bowl is also home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, one of the world’s best orchestras. The Hollywood Bowl is not just a place to watch a show, but a place to be part of a cultural legacy.


#2: The Super Bowl

The second greatest bowl of all time is the Super Bowl, the Big Game, the last game of the NFL season. It happens between the AFC and NFC teams that were successful in their previous games. The tickets are expensive and the atmosphere is great. If you are a fan of American football, the Super Bowl is perhaps one of the most anticipated things you can wait for. Because sometimes it’s a hit, if it’s a high-scoring game with lots of fun plays. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s a boring game where the scoring is low. (We’re looking at you, Super Bowl LIII.)


#1: The Super(sized) BOwl

The GREATEST bowl of all time is this super(sized) bowl.

Haha. Big bowl.


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